Each staircase is unique, each has its own character. If you want the stairs to be in the harmony with your house, to be formally incorporated in the living space, it's necessary to provide a lot: staircase's type, material, optimal height and width of the tread, the type of balusters, pillars and even handrails.

We make wooden staircases from glued solid wood of pine, birch, ash, oak, and other materials because wood is the most natural, and quiet material so the staircase brings warmth and cosiness. Picking the type is as important as picking the suitable tint. Different stairs colors can give the room it's own characteristics, that suit the whole house. We can varnish the whole staircase or just several elements, like strings and handrails.

Today, stair railings have more decorative than protective option and sometimes are the "visiting card" of the whole structure. Balusters and bearing pillars can be very different: from strict round or square to florid carved sculptures. The newest technologies allow using not only wood but also a mix of wood and metal. Slim row of metall balusters on the wooden staircase or metallic string with wooden stairs would look pretty.

The newest equipment, many years of experience, industry and masters creative approach let us achieve a high quality. Masters accurate measurements on the object and usage of special computer programms let us work without any mistakes in the staircase's structure. Indivigual work with every customer allows us to make a staircase for their taste so it would look like it has already existed in the already done interior.